Full membership $600.00
Single membership $500.00
Under 35
Full membership $475.00
Single membership $400.00
Student membership
Single student membership (18-25 years-full time student) $325.00
Travel club members see Melissa for credits.All memberships include an AANR membership
AANR Memberships (ONLY)
AANR couple $87.50
AANR single $55.00
AANR student $17.00
Room with private bathroom $63.00
Cabin with private bathroom $63.00
RV $20.00
Tent $13.00
Checkout time is noon. Check-in for room and cabin is 4 PM
Room rates DO NOT include day fee
Day Rates
non AANR $34.00
AANR, TNS, or other national nudist organization $28.00
 Under 35  $23.00
Prices are per single or per a couple.

*subject to change without notice.